The Holidays Approacheth

I can always tell when the holidays are getting close – my free time evaporates.

This year we hosted Alasdair’s parents for Thanksgiving, which was lovely. They don’t like cornbread, and do like pumpkin pie, which I consider a victory.

And then of course, there’s Dragon Age Inquisition. Which I’m trying very hard NOT to take up my every waking weekend hour. So far, so good, but I’ve still logged close to 30 hours since launch. More posts on that later. My current interaction with the game is … complicated.

While I struggle to balance household chores with saving Theda, enjoy this lovely Pat Cadigan story, “Cody”, which I narrated for Clarkesworld.

Revenge of the Boxes

After it’s arduous ten week journey, the large crate full of my possessions arrived two weeks ago. Only this time it arrived in the  middle of the term, so instead of the quick unpacking we did when Alasdair’s things arrived from York, I have just today finished unpacking the cardboard tripping devices in the bedroom. I’m trying to break down and store as many of the boxes as I can for future moves because they’re good solid U-Haul boxes, but we’ll have to see how much space I can wrangle out of the basement. It’s already holding most of the displaced furniture.

My office is still box-tastic (that’s a word now), but the bookcases are up and the comics and musical instruments are unpacked. Doing fingering exercises on the keyboard when I need a break from the seemingly endless study sessions is good for me, though I should probably plug some headphones in at some point. My niece Maria got a keyboard for her birthday just recently, and we want to set up a Skype practice session at some point!

This week I had my first moot and my second mediation, both of which went well. I’ve decided not to continue further with mooting this year, however. The weekend before I spent over 20 hours preparing for just the presentation itself (10 minutes!), and at this stage in the course it’s just not an efficient or wise use of my time. I’m very glad I did it though – it reinforced I made the right decision to pursue being a solicitor and not a barrister. Mediation, meanwhile, just keeps getting better and better. I’ve got an entire post in the works on lessons learned from this one, and I have a good feeling about making it into the quarter finals. *sigh* Paris in February and Strasbourg in July, wouldn’t that just be amazing?!

This weekend I’m catching up on a lot of little things that invariably fall by the wayside during the week, like e-mail and calendaring and eating leftover turkey and pumpkin pie. Okay that last one is new this week, but man could I make that a weekly thing. I may not have been able to make the spinach dip, but Nicole’s pumpkin pie and Aunt Pat’s mashed potatoes graced the table Thursday night.

Old traditions, new home. Can’t beat it. 🙂

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