The Last Big Project

Alasdair and I are trying a new approach to projects this year: a cut off date. And of September we officially closed the doors to any new conventions, projects, collaborations or other new work. One month later and it’s already have a big impact on our free time. Namely, we have some every single weekend, and the projects still on the boards are making steady progress to complete by the middle of December. It’s a simple, glorious hack.

Of course it meant a few last-minute “quick get this in the wind!” emails, but so far none of those have come in to roost. And since the big one for me (a Law and History track of programming for next year’s Nine Worlds) has months and months yet, all the better.

This last couple of weeks was also the end of THE big project – my visa. We’re squared away for another two years, and all the paperwork has been carefully archived for if it’s needed again. A huge psychological sigh of relief, followed by a lunch of tapas and cipriani.

This weekend was another gloriously relaxing, rambly couple of days. The bikes have been given an overhaul and are ready for some dry weather to go out and explore MK’s Red Ways. We found a great new Indian restaurant, and I’ve read THREE novellas in the last week. I can see actual physical progress on my To Be Read bookshelf, it’s a miracle!

I love taking on new projects. And this time of the year, when it feels like the world is ready to sleep, it feels just as good to finish them up and put them down.


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This weekend has been one of my best in England to date. The weather was absolutely beautiful – clear skies, hot (mid 20’s Centigrade, or upper 70’s / low 80’s Fahrenheit) and very low humidity. I spent Saturday taming the wild jungle of the back yard, and was disappointed when I filled the yard waste bin. Today one of my neighbors was helping another neighbor (I live in a big long terraced house) dig out their back yard so I went to help and got to meet a bunch of new people. Now both of my gardens are at least passable, though they both need a great deal more work. Both yards have gigantic old and half-dead pine trees in need of serious trimming. But before we can even get to the one in the back, we have to haul out the pile of branches that were left the last time someone trimmed it, that have become completely overgrown with brambles. Oh well, at least I can use the drying line now!

One of the discouraging things about being a law student in the summer is there’s still plenty of work to do. Trainee contract application season is in full swing, not to mention placements, open days, and pro bono work. There’s also the nail-biting wait for results. They’re in next week, as is my birthday. As I’ve told my friends, alcohol is going to be involved one way or another…

On top of all that, I had a huge list of around the house projects I started accumulating during the school year. All but one of those are finished now, I’m happy to say. I’ve also kicked both my editing and audio work up a notch with more projects, so on rainy and cloudy days I’ve been logging plenty of computer hours.

Both days this weekend we’ve taken the time to be outside as much as possible, from yard work to running errands to meals on patios. A late dinner at 9 p.m. and there’s still plenty of light to see by, and the evening breeze is just perfect. Summer living at its finest.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my book need reading, and there’s a sunny spot out in the front that looks perfect. It’s too nice to be inside at my desk.