Last Big Push

As I lean in for final charge on the 2014 training contract application deadline, here’s a few projects and interesting cases I’ve been keeping an eye on these last couple of months. A more in-depth personal update once they’re done and before the (awesome) August convention marathon kicks off. Enjoy! (more…)


-Summer is nearly over, and I go back to school in a mere 22 days.

-As of Thursday, I’ll have lived in the UK a full year.

-I’ve narrated both Hugo and Parsec nominated short stories.

-Forget March coming in like a lion, autumn seems to be taking September out at the knees!

-This academic year I’ll be studying one form of mediation while teaching another.

-I’m about to restart aikido training. I’m nervous, but also excited, especially because I’ll have not only a partner put potentially classmates joining me as well.

-When you’re waiting for decisions that will dictate the direction and schedule of major life decisions for the next four years, six weeks is a very long, anxious period of time.

-Picnics help immensely.

-I can devour over 150,000 words of fiction in 36 hours. Yes, the Hunger Games were THAT good. Completely worth the “book hangover” the next morning.

-Next month I’m going to Batman’s house to watch a movie.

-I still owe the Mutherfudger a guest blog on Mexican food that doesn’t involve chili.

-Vacations always feel amazing because of the amount of work that not only precedes them, but goes into making sure you come back to a clean house. Wash All The Things!

-My life may be uncertain and less padded than I’d like, but I’m happy and in the end, that’s what matters most.



It’s going to be hard to write a succinct and entertaining post about the biggest year of my life so far. That’s part of the problem, I’ve had two in a row. Let’s do the TL;DR version.

In 2012 I:

  • Returned from meeting Alasdair in person for the first time (and then straight through to my brother’s wedding) knowing he was every bit as wonderful as I thought he would be and even MORE head over heels in love, if that was possible.
  • Researched, applied, and was accepted to law school in England.
  • Navigated and paid for an international move, including all the visa hurdles and the emotion of giving away or selling everything I possible could like my car. (He’s in good hands with my cousin.)
  • Encouraged Alasdair to come live with me for the summer, and spent an amazing four months seeing the sights together including New York, W00tstock in San Diego, Disneyland, Yosemite, back to England for a week of campus tours, GenCon in Indianapolis, and seeing Melissa and Whit in Austin.
  • Lost my youngest aunt in a car accident that could have claimed the lives of three more.
  • Recorded a Hugo nominated author’s short story for sale.
  • Said goodbye to the law firm I’d been with for over eight years.
  • Moved to England and lived without everything I owned minus two suit cases worth for 3 months.
  • Went to Dublin to see the comeback reunion tour of my favorite band.
  • Started law school and didn’t collapse into a pile of exhausted tears more than once every 6 weeks.
  • Won a mediation competition and get to compete in Paris in February.

Like I said. WOW.

And that’s without all day to day filler – rock climbing and piano lessons and blogging and reading and voice work. See? I just went back up to that list and added a few things I’d forgot. I miss my old gym and dojo a lot, but I miss having time for exercise more. I got a UK power block for my Wii for Christmas, so it’s back to the fitness games. At least I won’t have to worry about getting rained out!

I also think I made my “piece of culture a month” goal, but since I had to wipe my phone when I moved I can’t look at my old calendar and double check. I remember one Shakespeare play (Titus Andronicus, at long last), two other plays, and tons of concerts: several classical, one Christmas, Dead Can Dance, W00tstock, Jonathan Coulton, and Elbow. Plus watching Lost Boys on the beach where it was filmed, the Alamo Draft House, taking Dave and his daughter to Medieval Times, river rafting, the season opener Cal football game, and WWE Raw.

2013 has a lot to live up to. And from what I see on the horizon, it’s going to make 2012 look like the opening act.

“Movement” by Nancy Fulda

Late last year Mur Lafferty, the esteemed writer and host of EscapePod, got sick and lost her voice. She put out a call for help on Twitter to narrate a story on a tight deadline, and I volunteered.  The story is called “Movement”, written by Nancy Fulda, and is a short story about autism in the future.

I love this story. I have a cousin who is autistic, and I found a lot of familiarity in the tone she used to illustrate the differences in perspective and the frustrations of communication.  And I’m not the only one; the story is up for both a Nebula and a Hugo award this year.

Several weeks ago Nancy contacted me and asked me to narrate the story for an audio book version.  I was thrilled; I’d been auditioning for titles through ACX for several months and was it was such a treat to be sought out.

I’m pleased to announce the project is finished and now available at Audible and iTunes, as well as Amazon in both Kindle and hard copy versions.

Enjoy the story, and let me know what you think of my first audio book narration!

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