Two Out Of Seven

Weekends haven’t been a thing I’ve been able to enjoy the last two years. Between studying and podcasting and the training contract application process, they were just an extension of the working week.

And boy am I glad that’s over with.

I missed sleeping in, and to do lists that shrink instead of growing ever longer. I missed having time to let my brain wander while I walk home, and whittling away at my To Be Read shelf. Second pots of coffee over comic books on Sunday morning. Not constantly pushing. Planning, instead of reacting.

I’ve watched three movies in the last four days, two of them in the theater. For the curious, Mazerunner was excellent and Dracula Untold was boring / ridiculous. I’ve been planning out a possible November spa weekend while Alasdair’s at Thought Bubble. And I’ve resolutely refused to make plans for my two weeks off at Christmas beyond experimental baking and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

This year, as the world slows down and prepares to rest through the dark months, I’m going with it.

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Study Playlists

Anyone who knows me knows I love music. I own gigs and gigs of it, everything from dubstep to classical to videogame and movie soundtracks. I have easily two dozen playlists in iTunes depending on mood, season, and purpose.

Of course, I built a different playlist for each subject I was studying. I generally prefer non-vocal music for studying a non-math subject, and the more familiar the tracks the better so they fade comfortably into the background.

Quick before I finally take the iOS 6.0+ plunge, I’m going to list them here.

  • Constitutional – Chicane’s “Far From the Maddening Crowd” and “Behind the Sun” albums.
  • Contract – A variant on my Eclipse Phase RPG music, lots of Wall of Sound favorites like Mogwai’s “Happy Songs for Happy People” album, Geomatic’s “Blue Beam”, “The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place” by Explosions in the Sky, and my Monstrum Sepsis albums, especially “Deep Sea Creatures”. That reminds me, I need to see if that Xx track “Intro” would work on that list…
  • Criminal – I started off the school year with Elbow, but I found Guy Garvey’s amazing voice too distracting for finals revision and switched to the Deux Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack.
  • EU -Philip Glass. And it almost broke me. I only have one of his albums and they’re all lovely, but I spent a LOT of time on EU law… I haven’t played any since.
  • Land – Daft Punk’s “Tron: Legacy” soundtrack, including both the Amazon and iTunes exclusives. I was very good and DIDN’T load in the “Reconfigured” remix album because I was afraid the new quality of the tracks would be too distracting.
  • Tort – By the time I got to Tort I was pretty sick and tired of quiet stuff, I needed some energy. So I busted out my ambient upbeat go-to – ATB. I have about a dozen of their albums and remixes, but good old “Movin’ Melodies” and “Addicted to Music” were frequent repeats. One day I’ll manage to track down the remix collection what that fantastic “Don’t Stop” version. ONE DAY!!!!
  • Trusts -Dvorak, especially the New World Symphony and the B-Minor Cello Concerto. I have a lovely recording by Yo-Yo Ma and the Berlin Philharmonic. I’m surprised I managed to keep from humming during the exam!