GLD Exams Peer Pub Quiz

My biggest frustration with revision is there’s no way to get feedback as you go along. There’s no quizzes I can take to test whether or not I actually know what I think I know. There’s only so many times you can re-write your notes or make flashcards.

The way around it, I think, is to change up the way you’re revising. Let someone ask you questions. Or teach someone else about a subject.

So let’s have a peer pub quiz. You game? Here’s the guidelines:

  • Prepare three questions and their answers. They don’t all have to be from a particular subject topic, and you can skip around. Cherry-pick; if there are certain topics you know really well in a particular subject, this is your chance to shine. Teaching is another revision technique.
  • Broader questions, like “explain”, “why”, or “what’s the difference between” work better than polar (yes or no answer) ones.
  • Don’t ask questions about cases in isolation, like “Explain Stupid Claimant v Idiot Defendant“, unless it’s a key case you’ve got to know inside and out (Carbolic Smoke, R v G, United Brands…). And if you ask this question, make sure your explanation includes some facts (influenza cure, bins on fire, bananas) to attach to the principle (ads aren’t offers, criminal subjective recklessness, dominant undertakings can have under 50% of market share/interchangeability of products/any A. 102 principle really).
  • Don’t ask to identify a specific statute section.We all have statute books. A better question is about the principles or purpose of legislation. Like why the implementation date of the Landlord Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995 is important (it’s the changeover between old and new leasehold covenants rules).

Here’s a bad question:

Q: What is the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 s. 6?

A: It’s the list of types of contracts that third parties can’t enforce. Which anyone can figure out if they read it, doofus, no one’s going to memorize that.

And here’s a good question:

Q: “Why do you want between two and four trustees for a trust of land?”

A: “You need at least two trustees in order to have an overreaching interest in a conveyance of land, and you can’t have more than four names on a legal title.”

First time out let’s go for two hours or until we run out of questions, and we’ll tinker from there based on feedback.

See you there!

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