Home Sweet Home

After a busy weekend of shopping for all that little stuff you forget about while packing, my third move in three years is a done deal. And so is my brain, if the grammar of that sentence is to believed. Sheesh.

It’s been an absolutely breathlessly busy couple of weeks, but the tide is finally turning. All our things and people are in the same place now (hurray!) and as soon as the cardboard clears, we can start moving forward with older stuff that’s been on the cards a while. No new stuff. Alasdair and I have both promised not to take on any new projects the rest of the year, and I aim to stick to it. Having a garage means the ability to set up another permanent recording space, plus keep the bikes out of the wet weather. In the mean time, it’s exploring all the home stores and nearby shops and excellent, excellent burger joints.

I love having a commute again. I know some people hate it, but for me the transitional time to start to plan out my day, or unwind and leave work-things away from home, is more than just useful, it’s precious. It means my podcast backlog is evaporating, and I’m already starting to take a look at the medium and longer-term project list for Cast of Wonders again.

The new job is fantastic. My first transactional work in a long time, it’s challenging and exhausting and exhilarating and confusing and I love every minute of it. Sitting open plan is equal parts challenge and joy, and it will be interesting to see how that evolves as we transition to laptops.

One quick piece of legal news. As has been widely reported, the Kirby estate has settled with Marvel. While on one hand I’m delighted the dispute has been resolved, on the other I am a bit disappointed the “work for hire” question won’t be addressed at the Federal level. Unsurprisingly there are no public details of the settlement. We’ll have to see how Marvel handles attribution moving forward, and guess at the dollar figure.

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