Last Big Push

As I lean in for final charge on the 2014 training contract application deadline, here’s a few projects and interesting cases I’ve been keeping an eye on these last couple of months. A more in-depth personal update once they’re done and before the (awesome) August convention marathon kicks off. Enjoy!

Audio Work

My latest project with Nancy Fulda, Breath of Heaven, is now available through Audible, Amazon and ACX. It’s a collection of truly excellent longer stories / novellas.

While we were in California in June, Alasdair and I were guest on the Legal Geeks podcast talking about my favorite super-powered lawyer. No, not Dare-Devil – She-Hulk! Legal Geeks are hoping for another win in the ABA’s Journal Blawg competition again this year and deserve your vote!

In addition to all my ongoing work at Cast of Wonders (do you know how long it takes to put together promotion clips for 24 Parsec nominations?!?!) I was a guest voice recently at Podcastle in Episode 314, Stranger vs Malignant Malevolency.
The excellent full-cast production is more than worth your time.

And finally, Chris Lewis Carter’s excellent Camp Myth universe is up for an ENnie award at this year’s GenCon in the Best Family Fame category. Please consider voting for him! And while you’re there, take a look at all those lovely Deadlands Noir nominations. Did I mention I’m the mayor of the City of Gloom?  😉

Geek Legal News

Home life for my favorite US Federal judge, Lucy H. Koh, may have just become even more awesome. Her husband, Stanford (boo!) law professor Mariano-Florentino “Tino” Cuéllar was just nominated to the California Supreme Court. Congratulations Tino! Can you imagine what dinner conversation must be like? I bet it’s like The Supremes episode of The West Wing. *sighs with longing*

Warner Brothers may be about to regret their strict legal position on the Happy Birthday copyright. A documentary film company has collective a massive body of evidence to support the position the song has been in the public domain since nearly the turn of the century. Warner has collected hundreds of millions in licensing fees on the song. Ut oh…

The impact of the Hobby Lobby decision continues. Here’s a blog post I did on some of the immediate fallout.

On the up side, the Court did rule that searching your cell phone isn’t a logical extension of a stop-and-search; police need a separate warrant. This decision is particularly important for artists, who have faced detention as they travel though jurisdictions with different censorship rules. That link takes you to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s commentary on the decision.

The Supremes called for more briefing in the Jack Kirby / Marvel case, making it unlikely we’ll have a decision before the next term. Here’s some speculation on what a ruling could mean in a wider rights of creatives context. Watch this space – I’ve got my Google alerts poised for news.

And finally, some ridiculous to go with your sublime: Wizards of the Coast tries to claim that “tapping”, i.e. the act of turning a card from a vertical to a horizontal orientation on the playing surface to indicate the card has been used this round, is capable of intellectual property protection. Grab yourself a drink and read this excellent break-down of the Hex / Wizards of the Coast debate.


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