Tanned and Ready to Go

Welcome back, true believers!

As I write this my final beach day sunburn is just starting to peel in the last spots. While outside, we’re being treated to drizzle before the weather is supposed to climb to the perilous upper 20’s later this week. Hoodie and lovely new tea one day, shorts and tank tops the next. Ah English weather, you do like to keep me on my toes.

Vacation in the western US was fantastic, thank you everyone who asked. I could have definitely done without the administrative hiccup meaning it took me 2 hours to clear the border in Manchester, but I’ve been assured the issue has been cleared up. More posts to follow on that subject, but in the meantime most of the photos are up on Facebook.

Since returning I’ve been very busy with a lovely two week placement here in Nottingham. I’ve got a week mostly-off, and then another two week scheme this time in London. Busy summer, and I love it! I also went to the law school’s launch reception for the new pro bono centre, and it was great to spend a night chatting with some fellow students and lots of tutors about the latest news. Nothing like hearing changes are being made to make you feel grateful for all the work of the last two years finally being behind me. Everyone remind me of that fact when final results come out, okay?

After summer application / placement season finishes it’s full speed ahead on the employment front. Which is difficult to do when you’re hoping to have a commitment later on, but don’t have any details yet to share with a prospective employer.

We’ve also been enjoying getting back on the fitness horse thanks to our new fitness handcuffs. It’s such a simple idea, but it really is motivating. Like when you find out 90 minutes of hacking through the front hedge burned off your slightly-naughty Sunday brunch. There may have been a night or two when pacing around the top floor to finish the last 100 steps for the day occurred right before bedtime. Maybe. If this drizzle clears up we’re going to give the new route tracker a try around the Attenborough preserve before dinner. Fingers crossed.

It’s good to be home!


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