Wrong Kind Of Burn

I would happily trade all this delightful near-burnout on revision for some toasty pink skin. The weather has turned GORGEOUS and here I am, studying away. Le sigh. Just one more exam to go.

This is me, at 0:55.

Here’s a few news articles from the tech legal world to keep you entertained while I bang my head against competition law:

-Google faces the EU music in the recent “Right to be Forgotten” decision (full text here), and is reportedly already hard at work on an opt-in scrubbing tool.

-Amazon Technologies has been awarded a patent on… a plain white room? Perhaps a green-screen alternative for digital motion capture, but the claims appear to be for a fairly standard photography set up of surround lighting. I’m curious to learn what the commercial significance is behind the filing. Unless, that is, Amazon plans to get into the patent troll business…

-Rock legend Led Zepplin is finally, officially being sued of the opening riff to Stairway to Heaven by the last surviving member of Spirit, a contemporary rival. We’ll have to wait and see if the Wayne’s World prediction comes true.


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