Stay On Target

Another week, another six days of revision.

-I took one day “off” this week to attend an Open Day with a local firm. Their group exercises were creative and designed to reduce tension – a welcome and fun change from the usual fare.

-I’ve finished one of my three subjects (Private Client) and I’m about half way done with the second (Advanced Commercial Property). This week I have those two exams, followed by the final push for Commercial Law on the 21st. I won’t be able to take a full-day off this week, but I’m taking two half-days after each exam to unwind and go see a movie with Alasdair: The Wind Rises on Wednesday and Godzilla on Friday.

-Eurovision last night was the usual fantastic spectacle, made all the better by Austria’s well-deserved win. Conchita Wurst is a fearless inspiration. She and the song, “Rise of the Phoenix” would make a perfect pairing in the next Bond film, perhaps with the rumored casting of Idris Elba? One to-camera bow tie shot, that’s all I ask…

-The Cast of Wonders rebuild continues. I’ve reconstructed the Camp Myth Phoenix Watching episodes as well as 2014’s Parsec-eligible stories. An hour or so every day makes for good revision breaks.

-After exams and vacation I’m thinking of starting a book club devoted to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s list of 8 books every intelligent person should read. I’ve read seven (all but Gulliver’s Travels), but none recently. Maybe a Google hang-out arrangement for flexibility. Let me know if you’re interested in joining up.

-And finally some more legal news. There’s another article on the Washington state AG’s consumer protection suit regarding an Kickstarter. And on May 15th the Jack Kirby Marvel suit gets its day in front of the Justices as the US Supreme Court takes oral argument. Lower courts have consistently agreed with the Marvel position of Kirby’s contributions as work-for-hire, so this is the court of last resort for Kirby’s family. More news after the hearing.

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