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Update: The Get Published interview is now live. Link below as well.

Five things makes a blog post! Well I’ve got more than five, so I win. Or something.

This Week In Geek Law

-Last week of classes starts tomorrow, and then just revision and elective exams to go. I can’t believe it’s almost over, and more so that I’m starting to feel sad it’s gone.

-And just in time for me to graduate, the SRA is considering changing all the rules about training contracts. So far this is just a report following consultation and there’s no detail about implementation or even a timeline. But hopefully they’ll address “sandwich” students like myself who’ve finished their education but are still subject to the traditional training model. Watch this space.

-Speaking of awesome law suits, look at this doozy: SpaceX wants in on the surveillance satellite tendering process. They’re running with an anti-competition position, claiming the Boeing-Lockheed joint project ULA was awarded the contract without tendering. It’ll be interesting to see if the Air Force pushes back with any security concern arguments.

-And finally, Comixology has pissed off it’s loyal app-using fan base by removing the ability for in-app purchases. It only impacts the Apple version at this point, leaving me to believe it may be a Amazon using it’s latest big ticket purchase to distance itself further from other distribution platforms. Not to mention Apple’s hefty 30% fee. Some independent comic creators have claimed to heard from Amazon the cost savings will be passed down the chain, but customers haven’t received the same. More annoying to your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Reader was the complete lack of transparency regarding the change taking place the very same weekend as C2E2, the Chicago-based E3 trial-run. Me, I’m sticking with my Nexus 7, thanks.


-After four weeks of hair-pulling Cast of Wonders is finally back up and updating. I’ve got a LOT of work to do reconstructing the missing back-catalog and support features. But it’s also an opportunity for a ground-up consistency pass, so mixed blessings and all that. First priority is getting this year’s Parsec-eligible stories up.

-I narrated the delightfully chilling Her Face All Sharp for Pseudopod. Tell me the story doesn’t put you in mind of Morrigan. I dare you.

-I was also interviewed on the delightful Get Published podcast about Cast of Wonders. The episode should be live in the next week or so, link to follow.

-And speaking of podcasts to follow, The Legal Geeks have asked me to appear on a show with them! I’m hoping the topic will be the current Charles Soule’s current legal-tastic She-Hulk run.

 Everything Else

-Thirty days and counting until the post-exams US trip. West Coast again this time, spread between Vegas, LA, Seattle and the Bay Area.We have long layovers in both New York and Chicago this time, so we’ve nicknamed the trip A Tale of Two Pizzas. Next year we’re aiming for the East Coast trip: a road trip from New York down to Florida with plenty of stops along the way.

-My summer dance card is full. Between placements and the US trip I’m booked until the end of July. Which will make job-hunting problematic, but when has having too much to do ever stopped me? Case in point: it’s 8 p.m. as I write this. I’ve been working solid since 8 a.m., and I’ve still got a lecture to review and a distribution agreement to critique. Y’all have met me, right?

-I now have a Marvel Movie playlist. The only place you’ll ever see Blue Swede opening for AC/DC and Blue Oyster Cult.

-Dragon Age. I’ve got the bug. Inquisition releases October 7th, which is convenient. I can spent Alasdair’s birthday with him before I crawl into my Thedas Cave, emerging only for sleep and sustenance. I rolled the dice and submitted an audition for their Take Your Place In The Inquisition contest because why not, right? Someone has to voice all those quest givers, and there’s no Bucket List item like voicing a Bioware character.

-In the meantime, there’s Bioshock: Burial at Sea and Shadowrun’s Berlin expansion to play while Alasdair finishes up Assassin’s Creed.

-Finally, I’ve discovered what my “English accent” is. It’s the inability to let participles dangle when I speak. Which sounds like it should be more fun than is implied. See! Like that! I sound like Professor Elemental, only Californian. Dude.

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