It took me nearly three months to adjust to UK academic vocabulary. Small group session, not section. Timetable, not calendar. And revision, not studying.

I still don’t like that last one. Revise to me means “to polish a previously completed but imperfect piece of work”. What am I revising, my brain? Oh well, chalk this one up there with “Tea” the meal and the whole “you alright?” question-as-greeting linguistic regional ticks.

Lectures have concluded, and next week is the last of the small group sessions reviewing some sample questions. After that we’ll officially enter the revision period, a three week gap between classes and the start of the exams, though most of us are treating last week and this week as part of the same time period.

My own revision for the next three days will concentrate on finishing typing up all my lecture notes, so they can travel with me without weighing down my luggage. We’re off to California for a family wedding, and 10 days of land law on the beach! And it’s exactly the right time for a break. Even with a lighter load this last week after turning in the year-long research project, I can tell my energy reserves are slowly working their way back up from depleted. Lots of extra sleep, lots of small intense bursts of activity followed by long periods of restorative videogame playing (hey, it works for me!) and watching West Wing.

Five weeks to study, and then four weeks of exams AND studying. Then two weeks to stare at the wall / recover / pick up what I’ve had to leave by the wayside. Two more weeks to finish the rest of my training contract applications before the two week vacation scheme. And that’ll bring me up to August – whew!

Still, it feels fantastic to have the majority of this incredibly tough year behind me. Just a few more months of focused work!


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