Saddle Up

Today is the last day of Easter break. While it’s certainly true I didn’t finish as much school work as I would have liked, I can’t say the time was wasted. I was burned out, and to some extent am still below normal operating speed. The long evenings of just relaxing with a videogame (I finished Tomb Raider and have started Bioshock 2 as a ramp-up to Bioshock Infinite) or episodes of the West Wing have helped a great deal.

We also had two different sets of visitors: Alasdair’s parents for two days for his dad’s birthday, and then his best friend and fiance from Austin for another couple of days. Tack on the spring cleaning to get ready, and the (still ongoing) dregs of household repairs, and it was a busy and enjoyable time.

I’ve also accomplished a great deal of back-end organization on Cast of Wonders, including the guest narration at Drabblecast, “Hullabaloo” and recording my first guest host spot at Podcastle which will air around April 16th. I have an all new respect for Alasdair, Dave, Norm, Graeme, and all the other podcast hosts out there – writing endcaps is tough work! Plus I’ve finished the raw audio on my current ACX project – just need to edit if and pass it off to the sound engineer.

Now it’s time to knuckle back under and put my head down with exam revision. I have three more weeks of group discussions before out trip to the States for a family wedding. (Sunshine! Oh glorious sunshine how I’ve missed you!) After that it’s another two solid weeks of revision before the start of the four week exam period. I have two 3+hour exams a week for four weeks.

Along with the depressing spring weather, the gear-up for the next academic year has begun, and all it’s associated emotion. It’s not just accepting an offer for me, there are visa considerations, and the ever-present funding concerns. I’m applying for several scholarships for next year, but it’s difficult to find ones where a non-EU citizen can even apply.

Plus, it’s frustrating. I was granted a scholarship to attend the summer school program I applied for, but due to my first choice of program being cancelled and the second choice having a scheduling conflict, now I can’t go! I had hoped I might be able to hold over the scholarship to next year, but not only isn’t that the case, but it appears unlikely this type of scholarship will be offered against next year. *sigh* It’s hard to remain positive and motivated when faced with a cascade of little setbacks.

Still, with the clocks moved forward and the longer and brighter (if still not warmer) sunshine, things are improving. There’s no new material to process, just old to consolidate and study. With less classroom time and dry(er) weather there’ll be a chance for more long walks and exercise, and eventually all the paperwork will be done. Just gotta keep moving.


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