Feeling the Fool

Yes, I know it’s April 1st and I’m supposed to come up with some sort of brilliant joke, but my heart’s not in it. My heart’s not in most things right now, actually. Oh the irony of vacation: plenty of time, but no drive. Still I’m getting some things done.

Most of them for the last few days have been emergency household repairs. Broken washer, dead refrigerator, and then having to remove cabinets for the new refrigerator to fit. Because apparently measuring the old one first was too much work…? I don’t know. That list I keep of “things I do and don’t want in a future house” had SEVERAL new entries this week.

I keep waiting for the energy to kick in, that sense of “well you’re out of time now, knuckle down and get it done!” Nothing. Snow in April now, not just March. Pushed back response deadlines for summer projects. “Broken” sunshine (ie light but no heat).

Three weeks and two days until California sunshine. Hope the joke’s not on me.


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