I’ll Meet You Across the Sea

The Probably Penultimate Mass Effect 3 post. Which is a mouthful to say. Here There Be Spoilers!

Back from Paris, easing back into the last several weeks of lectures, and I’m going to finish Mass Effect 3 tonight.

I think I’m already going through withdrawal, seeing as how it’s taken me almost two full weeks to pick it back up. And Omega failing a SECOND time didn’t help my mood any. There’s nothing I love more than buying DLC I can’t play. Honest.

And part of my wants to hang up the controller another two weeks and wait for the final DLC, “Citadel”, to come out on March 6th.

But honestly? Any excuse to kill Kai Leng again, right? Killing him will NEVER get old. The dialog of that fight is some of the best in the game, and it’s only a shame I can’t cut off his head and put it in place of that stupid Husk in my study.

For what he did to Thane. For what Bioware did to Thane. Of COURSE I would pick the ONLY love interest in the game you CAN’T save. *sigh* But it’s been weeks and while the anger is still there, it’s faded.

Before I wrap up tonight, I want to make a few predictions and kill off my notes. I’ve already cleared my decks tomorrow for recovery time, and authorized take-out.


  • The space elves have a secret, huh? Called it.
  • WHOAH but I didn’t call THAT!!!! This was the first and last mission I took Javik on, and I’m glad I did. He and Liara’s dialog was so powerful.
  • I didn’t like not being able to save the gunship pilot, though. That made me sad.
  • KAI LENG RAGE!!!! Not JUST because he has gunship backup, but because HE DARED to insult Thane’s death! Poor Alasdair, the screaming and shouting going on during this fight could have peeled PAINT.
  • The aftermath for this mission was heart-wrenching. The Asari Councillor’s reaction. Hackett’s. Shepard’s. I’m fairly positive there were scenes that would have happened here if my love interest had still been alive, which just made it all the sadder.

Sanctuary / Horizon / Cerberus Base

  • Sanctuary as a Cerberus recruiting / conversion station. Yup, called that too.
  • Miranda’s presence, though, was a surprise. And a positive one. It’s nice to see even former Cerberus agents aren’t immune to the “I become a better person by hanging out with Antigone Shepard” effect.
  • If you played a Renegade character, do you feel betrayed by Cerberus at this point? They don’t think you’re hard core enough to be one of them?
  • The video logs you watch are incredible, especially the references to Retribution, the third novel. Shepard’s questioning if she’s actually a sophisticated VI is humbling, and thought-provoking. Is that what makes her unique, her harmonious fusion of cybernetics and humanity? And if the Illusive Man’s been Indoctrinated this entire time, have the Reapers set her UP to be the fusion? And why?
  • I specifically have a save before the final fight so I can kill Kai Leng over and over again. Renegade Interrupt #2 for the series. That was for Thane, you SOB.
  • And yet the Illusive Man (who is totally not Indoctrinated guys, for reals) gets away.
  • They…. MOVED the Citadel?! The entire thing?!?! With everyone inside?!?!!?
  • I’m still trying to figure out what I think of the last dream. They’re smiling, even as the flames cover their heads. Is it Phoenix Flame, I wonder? Are they trying to tell me their can be success through destruction? Or am I reacting to hearing Thane’s prayer, and Legion ask me if he has a soul…
  • Waking up from the dream, and the multiple pans over the empty bed beside you. Ouch. Just… ouch.

Some Bits and Pieces

  • Drunk Tali is hilarious. And the dialog is SO clever. She could be mourning Miranda’s death, or just realizing her own poor ending with her father. Very, very well written.
  • Krogan. On. Battle. Dinos. This is the epitome of Salarian science. I want to see them!!!
  • That poor, poor Elcor diplomat. The way his body just CRUMPLES when he says “not enough” broke my heart.
  • Omega. I tried, I really did. The thing hung on the exact same place TWICE, with a total of SIX reinstalls. I’ve given up. Maybe with Citadel comes out they’ll patch Omega.
  • Cerberus access codes mission was ALSO bugged. I just LOOOOVE having incomplete quests in my log. Honest.

And finally, the Ending Predictions

  • No more deaths. Not on my watch. Not on my save games. No one else dies. No one.
  • Except Shepard. I don’t think she’s making it out. And right now I’m completely okay with that decision. Because it feels like she’s MADE a decision. It’s not being forced on her, and she might even be able to avoid it. But if it comes to it, Antigone will go willingly.
  • And she’s taking the Illusive Man out with her. He WILL feature heavily in the final fight, and they’ll admit he and his bright blue eyes have been Indoctrinated all along.
  • I suspect sign-off scenes with everyone, in the final fight itself not just in conversation before they go. Touchstones on the path to the end.
  • The boy from the dream will be back. Maybe as Vengeance’s new avatar, maybe as a mouthpiece of the Reapers themselves.
  • The scenery from the dream will become the location of an actual in-game fight, slow motion optional.
  • Will Antigone destroy the Reapers? Only if there’s no other choice. She cured the Krogan and allied them with the Turians. She brought the Geth and Quarians together to rebuild Rannok. The Rachni Queen lives and Leviathan’s slumber has ended. In a game all about finding alternatives, I’m crossing my fingers and toes there are multiple choices yet to make.
  • And finally, I predict I WILL be crying all the way through the ending cinematics.

To death AND glory. Across the sea.


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