Making Your Peace

Another Mass Effect 3 post, because writing about everything I’m doing right now would be topical, and we wouldn’t want that now would we? Spoilers away!

Each of the Mass Effect games has a central theme. The first game was “To Boldly Go”, I think: the wide-eyed wonder of a species first steps onto the galactic stage.

The second game was “Daddy Issues” – everyone had them. Miranda and the control her father exerted on her at the genetic level. Jacob’s peace with his father’s death rocked by his “survival”. Grunt’s search for belonging among his species and his rejection of his tank-born training. Tali and the results of Admiral’s Rael’Zorah’s research. Jack and her complete lack of a normal childhood. On and on and on, echoed even in the development and progression of species as a whole. Problems with authority, and the sins of past decisions coming home to roost.

Mass Effect 3’s theme, for me anyway, is Making Your Peace. Everyone knows they’re out of time, the clock is ticking down to the end or a new beginning, we’re not quite sure yet. Go ask Shepard – and they do. There are countless little conversations going on every where you go. People doing that one thing they’ve always wanted to do. People saying goodbye. People taking a chance they otherwise never would have. The air of something going to happen is palpable.

I’ve played huge swaths of the game since my last post, so I’ll break comments down by event:

The Genophage

  • OF COURSE I cured it! I would have happily slapped Dalatrass Linron the second she DARED propose I do otherwise! The first time I played ME1 I spend HOURS in Saren’s base convinced the cure was there!
  • Eve ROCKS. Absolutely, positively amazing character. I love her clothing, and how it makes her look like a beetle in a kimono. And how she has Wrex by the quad. 🙂
  • MORDIN!!!!!!! *sob*  So touching, so beautiful, so utterly appropriate. I love how serene and peaceful he is as he enters the elevator. And he sings.
  • Wrex and Garrus’ dialog during this sequence is a thing of BEAUTY. I DESPERATELY want a “Bros Before Bombs” t-shirt.
  • Tarquin Victis. *sniff sniff*
  • “I’m a little busy Wrex, there’s a REAPER in front of me!” “*chuckles* Yeah, you get to have all the fun.” Quote of the Game.

Cerberus’ Attack on the Citadel

  • Thane. Badass until the end. Antigone will meet you across the sea. *sob*
  • Seriously. I’m still emotional about it and it’s been over a week of real time now.
  • Kai Lenh. Will. Pay.
  • I have, through 3 games and over 100 hours of game play, used ONE Renegade interrupt to headbutt Wrex’s detractor in front of the Shaman because, you know, Krogan. I hit that interrupt to put Udina down before I even THOUGHT about it. I only wish I could have done it two games earlier.
  • I HATE how little dialog even REFERENCES Thane in the third game. Take for instance the scene where I’m standing next to the Memorial Wall, talking to Garrus. Thane has just died, and he says “At least we didn’t lose anyone.” WTF Bioware?! Did you just run out of TIME? *sigh* A brilliant, unique character who languishes for lack of screen time.
  • They BETTER cure Kepral’s Syndrome in the next series of games.
  • The e-mail he sends you almost makes up for it. Almost.

The Quarians, or “Letting Go, What’s That?!”

  • Seriously, Admirals? SERIOUSLY!? You’re just as bad as every other race / political body / criminal organization in this game that NEVER LISTENS TO ME. You went to war with the Geth NOW. NOW, when there are REAPERS parked in EVERY … I need to lie down.
  • Shepard’s nose-pinch “really?!” pose in this scene was just priceless. I was doing the exact same thing.
  • Admiral Tali. Heck yeah!
  • The Geth dreadnaught. Otherwise known as “Hey look! We have that awesome zero-gravity code from Dead Space 2 now!” But I forgive them for the gimmick ’cause it’s FUN.

Other Bits and Pieces

  • It’s amazing that forty hours of game play (so far – I just got to Rannoch!) the tempo has NEVER dropped. Every single action – even scanning random planets for quest items – is so TENSE. The drive is relentless.
  • Dear Kaidan, I seem to recall it was YOU who told ME you needed time to think about our relationship to each other after Horizon. And then, I recall getting an e-mail from you about dating a French doctor on the Citadel. She never mentioned you, by the way, while I was visiting Thane in the hospital. Therefore kindly explain to me why you’re entitled to use the “Cheat” word when we have lunch together? I reloaded and haven’t talked to him since, that incensed me SO much.
  • Next play through, I am totally romancing Garrus Vakarian. Jaaaaaz smoooooth.
  • Though his and Tali’s flirting is ADORABLE.
  • EVERYONE gives Shepard crap about her dancing. I love when the designers acknowledge things like that. Reminds me of that “Lair of the Shadow Broker” line where Shepard says “Remember when we could just slap OmniGel on everything?”

My competition starts next Friday, so I’m unlikely to get to play lots this next week as I finalize preparations. If you need some Mass Effect goodness to tide you over, so check out Mass Effect wiki, or do searches for Mass Effect on Deviant Art and Pinterest.

Keep Calm

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