It’s A Trap!

Another Mass Effect post. Spoilers away!

The pacing of Mass Effect 3 is completely unlike the first two games. It’s relentless. I constantly feel like I’m being pushed – so much to do, so much hangs in the balance, and there’s never enough time – even though the mechanics of the game haven’t altered significantly. I’m still avoiding the plot, and doing missions that I know will advance the timeline as late as possible in order to increase my Reputation above the story arc curve. Commander Goodie Two-Shoes demands Paragon conversation options!

My latest save is around the 11 hour mark. I’m on the Citadel, having just evacuated the new Turian Primark (and Garrus, natch! ;-)) from the battle on Palaven’s moon.

Already some suspicions have been confirmed or denied  (no Rupert, yay more third-tier Cerberus crew returning!). Not to mention a couple of complete curve-balls (EDI!).

A quick note about the DLC for Mass Effect 3, specifically the “Omega” and “Leviathan” expansions. (Apparently I’ve already done “From Ashes”, oops.) If I talk about them I’ll make them separate entries. Lots of the friends who are following my game play-through haven’t done those pieces yet, and I don’t want to spoil anything for them.

Here’s some more snapshot thoughts:

  • My god the NOISE those Reaper walkers on Palaven make!!  It’s designed to be visceral, I’m positive – it’s equal parts terrified mammal reaction and subsonic AHHHH!!!RUNAWAY!!!  It reminds me a bit of the walkers in War of the Worlds. And seeing them MOVE in the background is just… *shudder* An all never level of immersive.
  • I downloaded the Mass Effect datapad app! It lets you track your Galactic Readiness, a concept I’m still a bit fuzzy on, but the mini-game gives you more so that’s good, right? Plus it’ll send you short e-mails from your crew as you complete events in your single-player game! I wish it let you read your actual inbox from the Normandy…
  • Because I got a message from THANE!!!!!! *insert dreamy sigh and expression here* He wants me to come visit him at the hospital.
  • The same hospital Kaidan also sent me a message from, asking for a visit.  Awkward…
  • What the HECK is with the ASARI of all people pulling out of the summit I’m trying to hold? Are they THAT worried about their own borders? Or are they that upset by the possibility of sitting across the table from the Krogan? They shouldn’t be; Urdnot Wrex is my HomeFrog – we’re tight.
  • By the way, when the heck did I become the Enterprise? War summits? Perky ensigns? I swear, if a Galactic being shows up to offer hijinks and advice I … Oh, hi Javik.
  • I’m in the middle of a lot of telephone tag quests right now. Get A for B, but B wants C so you have to talk to D and so on. Which I don’t mind; I LOVE that the game gives you non-confrontational ways to solve the quests.
  • The interaction with James and the ground-pounders in the bar was interesting. I went with a full-on Renegade interrupt and earned no red points for it! I wonder where the line is for those types of interactions, i.e. which ones earn Renegade and which don’t. All I know is meeting up with the Krogan is going to be a LOT more fun now! #headbutt
  • Speaking of Renegade, how on EARTH does an evil Shep get this far in the game?!?! If you’ve been pissing off everyone, how are you ever going to muster enough resources to fight this war?!
  • Working with other Spectres is really fun – I’m glad we get to see more of them this game. I can now even recognize that Shepard’s uniform is a hybrid – Alliance military basic, with Spectre epaulets / shoulder guards. The Spectre office is a nice touch – I loved the emails asking for your input (my comedy engineering team may be back!), but man the place needs a woman’s touch…  It’s a dump!
  • Blasto the Hanar Spectre may be the most awesome thing in the history of awesome. Even more so than Elcor Hamlet. Badassly.
  • Finally, my plot and strategy sensors are tingling. Human refugees are flooding the Citadel, with the Turians from Palavan on their heels and the Batarrian ones before them. Given the upcoming summit, Asari and Salarian and Krogan may not be far off.  This stinks of intention and that beautiful kind of poetic symmetry only tragedy can master. What started at the Citadel may end at the Citadel, as the Reapers drive the survivors into a single defended position with a known back door.

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