Another Mass Effect post. Spoilers ahoy!

A mere ninety minutes in and I’ve teared up, sworn, and heard the best random enemy declaration ever – “Holy shit! It’s Shepard!” I knew the emotional content would be high when the main title screen refused to show previews. I was right.

Some impressions so far:

  • The “Vigil” theme is so faint now, a desperately hopeful musical thread struggling to remain heard through the gunfire and chaos.
  • Shepard’s body posture and conversational style has shifted yet again, and it’s clear she’s getting pretty damn sick and tired of no one LISTENING to her about the Reaper threat. I don’t blame her; this woman has literally given it all and her thanks was two years of house arrest as the galactic community yet again ignored her warnings. Only Anderson (who I’m convinced is no longer on the Council) and Hackett listened. Netting humanity exactly nothing so far.
  • I think I would have liked the beginning sequence better if Shepard had arrived in civvies instead of what appears a very well-worn uniform. I haven’t been back to the Normandy yet; maybe I can change it later.
  • Who is James Vega, other than a tribally-tattooed hunk half-Krogan mass of muscle, attitude and loyalty? My thought is he’s the head of Shepard’s security detail. Hey Kasume, have I got a new one for you!
  • If Thane has succumbed to his illness while Shepard was under observation and no one told her I WILL RAGE. I start gameplay tonight inside the Citadel near the hospital. This will be investigated.
  • Oh Kaidan, THERE you are! Horizon was such a shock. You said you needed time and whether Shepard wanted to give it to you or not, it happened. Now she’s back and as Liara says, you’ve become oh so capable. His unease is palpable. He acts exactly like a man who’s role model, commanding officer, and in my case lover, was killed before his eyes only to rise from the dead in the livery of the enemy. Conflicted, desperate to trust, I can already tell he’s relaxing: she made him laugh.
  • My how far The Illusive Man has fallen. Before, Shepard’s morals were an inconvenience outweighed by the benefits he gained and the losses he absorbed. Now that he knows she’s off his chain, he’s off with the gloves both towards Shepard and his own staff. I wonder if his personal Reaper contact has contained more Indoctrination than even he realizes…
  • He’s been busy, too. Dr. Eve is not organic, and I’m positive she’s based on Geth technology. What a fantastic chase sequence! Alasdair loved watching; I was too busy desperately keeping up!
  • Another prediction I forgot, the rachni! This game they make their move or are enticed out of their understandable self-imposed exile by Shepard. Indoctrination is revealed to be the root cause of their original wars with Citadel Space.

It’s Saturday night and after 9 p.m. Time to save the galaxy just a bit more. I hope.

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