Back To It

Today is the last day of Christmas break. It’s also the first half of January, and if there’s a time of the year more likely to cause ennui and the urge to curl up under blankets with books, it’s not on my calendar. These two facts, combined with being in the pre-end-game run-up on Mass Effect 2, makes tomorrow feel like the Monday to End All Mondays.

To quote one of my favorite starship captains, “I am therefore going anyway.” I’ve got some fantastic looking boxed-lunch treats (mini naan! mini cheeses! tons of veggies!), got my notes VERY organized, and tonight I’ll knock off early to get a good night’s sleep.

This break has been incredibly productive. And that takes some work on my part to say, since there are several items on the To Do list that didn’t get finished. I’m too used to the sole criterion of my success being ticked boxes on lists, and I’m challenging that by realizing that while many things aren’t finished, ALL of them are in much better shape than they were. Especially given that many of these tasks were new, like writing vacation scheme / trainee contract applications, or preparing for the mediation competition in Paris.

I’ve also rested, which can be like pulling teeth for me. And not just recovering from the post-semester cold and a few days off for Christmas. I replayed Mass Effect 1 and am nearly done with 2. I did a ton of cooking, took walks, did yoga, and slept in late. That’ll be the part I miss the most, especially since the week in Paris is my reading week; no breaks for me between now and Easter.

Lots done, lots more to do. Time to get to it!


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