All That’s Missing Is The On-Air Light

One of the things we were excited about when we moved into the house in Nottingham was the existence of a single walk-in closet. Both Alasdair and I are voice artists, and having a designated, soundproofed space with a recording set-up always ready is a HUGE convenience. No more throwing blankets over tower fans for us!

After several weeks of troubleshooting and seemingly infinite trips to the hardware store, the studio is finished! Many thanks to our good friend Graeme Dunlop for listening tests and suggestions.

Want to take a peak?

We started by nailing a thick and disposable area rug around the inside of the space. There’s two shelves on an adjustable rack underneath the carpet, with holes cut so we can move them up and down depending on who’s recording, and whether they want to sit or stand. The shelves are covered with shaggy leftover bathmats, and the now dedicated recording netbook sits on the lower one to muffle any fan noise. I may even construct a removable cardboard-and-egg carton false ceiling later on if we think the sound could benefit from additional dampening.

Inside there’s a clip light and the microphone, a Snowball in a shock mount with a pop shield. Someday we might upgrade to a proper boom-style desktop mount, but we don’t need it right now. I don’t have a copy stand because we both read off either a tablet or our phones, depending on the project. The power supply for the netbook snakes out the side of the curtain (a re-purposed and entirely too warm duvet in groovy 80’s stripe cover) and plugs in outside to keep the heat down. At first the duvet was held up with a tension rod inside the frame, but getting in and out proved too much of an issue so we just nailed the sucker up. Outside it’s like the world’s funkiest passport photo backdrop. *chuckle*

The results are very encouraging, and with several more projects to finish between now as the end of the year, we’ll both be clocking plenty of hours in this space.

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