First of Four

Reading Weeks are a smart idea, I wish we’d had them when I was in college. My course is broken into four chunks, each divided by at least a week off from lectures. They’re designed to allow you to consolidate, the British term for “catch your breath and stop freaking out it’s okay you really can do this.” Schooling is approached differently here, and is based heavily on independent study. I can only imagine what the other students with none of my legal background are going through.

Have I studied enough? The answer to that question is going to be “No” right up through my last exam. But I definitely feel I have a stronger grasp on the sheer volume of memorization required on certain subjects. The flowcharts I’ve been working on aren’t finished by any stretch of the imagination, but putting them together is helping. Next up: case law flashcards.

We took some time to have fun this week as well. Last weekend we went to Dublin to watch Alasdair’s sister’s boyfriend run in the marathon, and attend a Dead Can Dance concert. Tonight is a late Halloween – early Bonfire Night party at Nadine and Paul’s house, and the tomorrow night we’re going to WWE Raw, my first live wrestling show since I was what, 11? I can’t WAIT, even if it is going to be a late “school” night.

Next week is a DOOZY, too. I have my first round of mediation on Monday, a mentoring meet-and-greet event at Freeth Cartwright on Tuesday, the Student Fora meeting Wednesday as well as an amicus presentation on the US death penalty, and then an inquest Friday morning followed by some student rep training. I get tired just writing it all out! Good thing we stocked up on soup, pasta, and sandwich supplies – there’ll be a lot of grab-and-go/work dinners this week.

I’m still dealing with a few last issues back in California, but my crate should FINALLY be delivered next week! All the boxes are probably going to live in the lounge, but that’s fine – I’m setting aside a FULL DAY next weekend to put everything away. Shoes! My kitchen knives! Lap blankets and couch pillows! My PS3! Yay!

The other thing I did this week was catch up on writing messages to people back home, and even a couple of phone calls. And I’m putting together a Christmas wishlist which is mostly filled with American foods – ranch dressing, Clif bars, taco seasoning, peanut butter, graham crackers, and canned pumpkin. I found a SINGLE can at Waitrose this week, and I’m hoarding it for Thanksgiving weekend.


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