Things That Go Boom In The Night

I love the Fourth of July because it’s a holiday based around shiny colorful explosions and food, with just a touch of summer heat and classical music.  It’s very my family – we love food and tinkering with things that are just a little bit fast and dangerous, and singing while we do it.

My cousins and I took Alasdair to pick out a pack of fireworks, and then threw a few more in. Thanks goodness we got all those sparklers; my aunt is addicted to those thing, and they made for much better lighting sticks than the ones included with the purple rain’s and sparkling fountains.

Even better, it seems EVERY OTHER neighbor of my mom’s housing development went south of the border for their fireworks. Nothing’s better than knowing someone ELSE will get arrested for the illegal M80’s and bottle rockets than getting to watch them first! We had the fairground-sized GIANT ones going off overhead and young kids firing bottle rockets down the middle of the street, with just enough breeze to carry the smoke away.

With the country’s birthday safely concluded, I’m turning my attention to my birthday next week.  “Lost Boys” is playing at the boardwalk it was filmed on, so it’ll be a day of sun and surf and vampire cinema and corn dogs.

T minus two months and counting!

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