No Compromise

Something strange keeps happening.

It happened last night on the way to the They Might Be Giants / Jonathan Coulton concert. I got stuck in the type of awful traffic that could only have escaped from LA.  It literally took me an hour to go two miles, and despite constant Lampoon-like effort, I couldn’t exit.  I’d convinced myself I was too late to enjoy the show, that I could always see it again later.  I gave myself guilt-free permission to just get the heck off the road, make my way home, and go to bed.

But I didn’t.  I missed all of Coulton’s set and my chance to catch up with a friend, but I went.

And again today, back to the gym at lunch for the first time in a month. I told myself to take it slow, to just get used to being back on the treadmill.

But I didn’t.  Full reps at exactly the weight I’d left off on a month ago, and a solid 30 minutes of fast walking with a chaser of stern self talking-to about my reluctance to start running.

I’m done with compromise.  To the point where even if I agree to it and am comfortable with it happening, given any opportunity my mind and my body WON’T.

Heh.  Awesome.

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  1. We’ll get a chance to catch up again, I promise! (You WERE talking about me, right??) The Coulton set was really short. Sorry I didn’t hang around long enough to see you! We need to hit more shows together!

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