Time Keeps On Slippin…

September’s flown by and we’ve barreled a full third into October already.  Since my mind won’t allow me to skip ahead all the awesome stuff of the past six weeks and get to the MAJOR awesomeness of the upcoming three months, let’s do a montage style recap, shall we?

-I started piano lessons.  I’ve been a classical percussionist for a long time, but I’ve never learned to read music for pitch, just for rhythm.  Sure, I know the names of the notes and the lines and spaces and all that, but I can’t site read.  Learning the piano seems like a good way to learn two skills at once, and this class is perfect for me: self-paced and Saturday mornings.  I borrowed a keyboard from my mom to practice with, and I use a friend’s full sized piano once a week in addition.  I’m having a GREAT time with it.  I’m up to two hand positions, one pedal and a half dozen chords.  The book I’m working from is supposed to cover two semesters, but I think I’m going to finish it in one.

Bellydancing classes resumed.  The general uptick in my fitness is making a HUGE difference in how I approach the class, and I splurged on a single store-bought outfit, which is quite the mental accomplishment for a seamstress.  Several of the other students have drums, and if the instructor starts offering a drumming add-on I’m going to fail my save versus instrument purchase, I just know it.

-Rock climbing is going fantastically well.  I’m consistently climbing 5.8 routes now, including 60′ as well as the standard 40′.  Last weekend I attempted and completed! (though not flashed) my first 5.9!  I’m also feeling the need for a different pair of shoes, something more adapted to the top-rope climbing I love so much.  Maybe next demo at Planet Granite I’ll take a look at upgrading.

-I haven’t managed to squeeze a second yoga class per week into my schedule, mostly because the window I have (late afternoon, pre-standard quitting time) isn’t staffed at most gyms.  But that’s okay.  My practice is definitely advancing, and I’m concentrating on longer, deeper stretches for my shoulders and ankles.

-Took a lovely evening trip up to San Francisco to meet an old friend for dinner while she was in town with her new squeeze, and saw some old familiar faces.  Plus the fog was in, and the stroll from Nob Hill down to Union Square was lovely.  Grace Cathedral was beautiful, all lit from within.

-I passed my editing audition for a role-playing game company with flying colors, and just received three more (paying!) projects.

CalShakes ended their 2011 season with a scintillating version of “Taming of the Shrew”, done in a retro 60’s style with dance numbers and some fantastically physical acting.  It’s a hard play for modern women to identify with, but the director did an excellent job of making it approachable for modern audiences.

-I’ve continued my vocal practice with another piece for Cast of Wonders called “Mrs. Jai”, and my third is in the works.  Haven’t been able to branch out into other venues yet, but I have a couple of leads in that direction that are promising.

TechShop opened it’s San Jose location, and I took a CNC embroidery sewing machine class.  There are SOOOOO many fun machines in this place, and I can think of dozens of projects I’d love to work on, but it’ll have to wait until next year, I’m afraid.

-I had a new paralegal client referred to me by a mutual friend.

-And last but very much not least, I took a three hour Shaolin kung fu seminar in fighting zombies.  No, I’m not kidding.  It was fantastic!  They do it annually, and I’m already signed up for next year!

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