Looking Up

Yesterday was a really great rockclimbing session.  Not only did I attempt more routes than I usually do, but I finished more of them.  I also helped figure out a particularly tricky part of one route that, while I wasn’t able to finish, Alex was as a result.  So three completions out of five attempts, with an assist.

More importantly, I learned several things about my attitude and approach.  First, flashing harder and harder routes becomes less and less likely.  Instead of getting frustrated and starting over, this time I’d use an out-of-route hold when I needed it (i.e. “rainbowing”) to continue so that I’d have the sense of accomplishment from finishing the route.

Second, when I failed an advance, or needed to take a break to reassess the route or from just plain exhaustion, I made a point of looking up at the goal and noticing how much closer I was.  It helped, each time.

Third and most important, I’m getting better.  That’s not hubris – notice I didn’t say I was getting GOOD – just better.  I have more endurance, more confidence, and I’m willing to try riskier solutions to problems.  I need to plan out which routes I tackle a bit better, so as to make better use of my endurance, but it’s a good problem to have.

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