First Draft of the Bucket List

Maybe Bucket List is the wrong term, but I’m not sure what else to call it.  “List of things I want to do in case of a zombie apocalypse” doesn’t have a shortened, well known and pithy title.

So, in no particular order, here are the nine million things that sound fun and I’d like to get around to trying some day.

Learn a martial art – in progress
Learn a combat sport
Water skiing / jetskiing
Rock climbing – in progress
Scuba diving / snorkeling
Skeet / target shooting (both pistols and rifles)
High speed offensive and/or defensive driving
Get my motorcycle license
Get my pilot’s license (I love you Eureka!)
Learn to play the piano and read sheet music
Travel internationally on a regular (yearly?) basis
Learn how to orienteer and geocache
Get a bicycle and be able to strip it to the frame and put it back together
Walk in a marathon, like the Bay to Breakers
Run in a 5k for charity or a cause I support
Be certified in first aid and CPR again
Read every book on my “to be read” shelves

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  1. I thought I’d leave a comment as I’m surprised how many of the things on your list I’ve done :).

    I do a martial art that’s a combat sport as well.  I love the intellectual and calm consideration of learning and practice.  I couldn’t do without the utter focus and absorption of physical confrontation with another human being.  I hope you find the combat sport cool when you give it a try.

    I enjoyed Kayaking, especially in rapids, a lot more then Water skiing / jetskiing.  It might be connected to the complete control and responsibility you have in Kayaking rather then the machines in involved in the others.  Although I find Water skiing / jetskiing a lot of fun to do sometimes.

    If your planning on travelling the South China Sea and the Great Barrier Reef are brilliant places to try Scuba diving / snorkeling.  I loved having my hands nibbled by fish and swimming next to Giant Turtles and Sharks.

    I’ll end this comment here as it’s got long.  Hope your list goes well, and you have fun trying things.

    • Thanks! Australian / New Zealand is definitely on my international travel list, for the scuba / snorkeling exactly as you say.

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