It’s All About Balance

Not dead, just busy. And thinking.

The thinking first: I’ve got the rock climbing bug. I’ve been to Planet Granite twice in the last five days, and I want to go again as soon as I can, probably Friday. I’ve made progress I can measure, conquering my first route with an incline, and successfully completing my first ever bouldering route. My family is camping in Yosemite in two weeks, and I want to practice hard for Kitty Dome and Puppy Dome.

There’s even a bouldering competition coming up mid-August I want to try for. I have no chance in heck of placing, but that’s not the point. The point is to try.

The downside – if there is one – is that I’m re-evaluating the role of aikido. I love it; nothing compares to the sensation of bare feet on tatami, of throwing and being thrown. But…  I think it’s too passive. For where I am now, for what I need now as I deal with the stress of a divorce that won’t finalize.  There are times when I want to sweat and fall and then PUNCH someone and that need isn’t being met by aikido.  I’m trying to use this as motivation to attend one of the intimidatingly-long Friday aikido/aikijitsu sessions, but it hasn’t worked yet.  Yet.

I’m hitting the crux of the weight loss / diet situation as well.  I’m right up against the Barrier I’ve Never Crossed.  I’ve been here a couple of times before and to get past it I’m going to need motivation and help. Motivation is coming from friends, and help’s coming from getting in to work with a nutritionist (too much fat, not enough protein and I know it) and maybe a personal trainer. I’d rather join or put together a small group – I do better in social physical situations – but we’ll see.

The last almost month now has been a whirlwind of fun travel and amazing experiences. I can’t capture every detail, so let’s try the “a picture is worth 1,000 words” technique.  Enjoy!

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