Stretching in New Directions

I’ve never taken a lot of formal physical classes before now.  Partially because of time.  Partially because of … external negative forces, let’s say.  A big part of it is lack of confidence, both physically and emotionally.  I was worried everyone would laugh and start and point and whisper behind their hands that someone my size was daring to interrupt their Very Serious Physical Activity.

Yeah, I was wrong.  Everyone’s too busy sweating.

Sunday was my first formal yoga class.  I’ve done yoga privately for a while now and really enjoyed it.  It’s helped me get through two trials now, and it’s a nearly perfect wake up and stretch tool, when I make the time to do it.  But it’s always been self-taught, and self-paced.

It’s a completely different ball game with an instructor.  They set the tempo, they call the moves.  It feels like an actual work-out, not just a good way to wake up and get all the popping done at once in the morning.  There’s so much to concentrate on that no one has time to look around and snicker at others, especially not in a class of 25 where 15 of us were all first timers.

Planet Granite offers lots of different types of yoga, but I think I’ll stick here for at least the month to really understand more of what I’m doing.  I knew about half the moves, but knowing OF them and being confident WITH them are two different things.

I loved it, and it made for a fantastic warm-up to an hour’s rock climbing.  I’m going to see if I can make it a Sunday regular thing.

Alex and I also got out belay test passed on Sunday, and we both did a 5.6 – our highest difficulty routes yet.  We’ll get those 5.9’s in another couple weeks, I just know it.  I won’t have any fingernails left *laugh* but that’s okay.

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