Learning the Ropes

I’m back.  🙂

The trial was … well, it was a fantastic learning experience, let’s leave it at that.  Lots of firsts.  First trial in San Francisco.  First trial where even though we were the defendants we presented our case first.  First trial with a noticeably drunk belligerent co-worker who almost started a fist fight with me.  Boy, would SHE have been in for a surprise, flat on her ass half a second later.

Nearly a week later I’m 90% back.  I’m still a bit on the tired side, but it feels fantastic to be easing back into a normal routine.  Even if the refrigerator did die on me.  C’est la vie, n’est pas?

Tuesday I was back at aikido and got to watch my first grading.  Three white belts going for their yellow, and one blue belt going for brown.  WOW.  I now know what aikido randori looks like.  You’re on one end of the mat.  Somewhere between 3 and 7 opponents are opposite you.  The instructor says go, and your job is to keep on your feet until they stay stop.  Throw them, avoid them, move and dodge and weave and disarm however you can.  It looks brutal, and nerve racking, and FUN.  We did bits of basics between the exams, and it’s painfully obvious I need more work on my forward rolls.

Last night was my first rock climbing lesson.  Alex and I and two other guys learned how to strap in and tie on, safety checks, belaying technique, difficulty ratings, and then up we went.  My first climb I made the mistake of looking down – not a good idea for someone getting over a fear of heights.  I didn’t fall, but I… decided I’d gone far enough for the demo, thanks.  My second and third climbs (5.3 and 5.4, 40′) I made it all the way to the top.  *grin*

Next lesson I think we’re going to do bouldering, which is climbing shorter distances without safety ropes and harnesses. The facility is fantastic.  The ENTIRE climbing floor is sprung, and the bouldering sections have crash mats on top of that.  Plus it’s indoor, so when this ridiculous California “summer” refuses to behave itself, I’ve got a place I can do something physical.  I think we’re going to try and go in over the weekend to do our official belaying test.  Hopefully the harness I ordered will be in for pick-up as well.  Shoes I’ve got, and a chalk bag, even if it isn’t very pretty.  Going to have to do something about that…

I’m getting there.  Progress is sometimes frustratingly slow, but every time I try something new, or push a little harder, it’s just so rewarding.  June is going to be a month chock full of firsts, and I’m looking forward to each and every one.

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