Sea to Shining Sea

The Bay to Breakers marathon is going on outside my hotel workroom window.  It’s a course that runs from the San Francisco Bay, through the city, through Golden Gate Park, all the way to the ocean on the other side.

I’m… jealous.  I think.  No, I don’t think, I am.  I’d LOVE to be out there right now in a baseball cap and a ponytail, sneakers and sweats, struggling up the hill around the corner.

Next year, I think I might just have to do this.

Me?  A marathon?  Even walking?  Yeah, scary.

FUCK scary.  Screw fear, forget about exhaustion and doubt and intimidation.

Next year, someone else can watch ME through THEIR window.  I’ll be the exhausted looking redhead with the gigantic grin.
And maybe a superhero cape.  🙂

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  1. Definitely a superhero cape!

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