My Kitchen Exploded

And the most amazing, wonderful, TASTY things crawled out of the wreckage.

Whoever invented that mint and pea combination, with lemon?  You win.  You’re second place, though, after the person who first put dark chocolate together with orange.

It feels so good to have a whole day just to cook.  I put on another couple episodes of a music appreciation course I’m using as a refresher and washed and chopped and baked and boiled and just went to culinary TOWN.

There’s a loaf of carrot and zucchini bread cooling on my kitchen counter.

There’s three pints of strawberries sliced and macerating in sugar; one for tonight with vanilla yogurt, the rest destined for the freezer for smoothies and strawberry lemonade and ice cream.

I roasted my first red pepper on the gas burners and it’s waiting to be peeled.  It will go with cucumber and tomato and avocado and red onion and goat cheese on some focaccia for breakfast tomorrow.

Finally, for lunch I made an amazing spinach salad I saw on one of my foodie blogs.  It had fava beans (which are high maintenance but I think worth it) and a dressing made of peas and lemon and mint and a touch of garlic.  I put it together with parmesan cheese and a pounded chicken breast dredged in more cheese and breadcrumbs and then pan fried.

Now…  Who wants to help me clean up?  Anyone?  Anyone?

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