Gi and Bruises

I has one of each!!  *laugh*  I know, I know – LOLcatspeak, but it slips out when I get excited.

It’s sleeves are entirely too long and the pants don’t fit, but some time and my sewing machine and I should be able to chop-shop both.  I can’t wear a long-sleeved shirt under it any more, either – they keep rolling down and getting in the way.  Tank tops or short sleeves it shall be.  Likely one of these.  *grin*

At least until that dogi pattern arrives and I have some time with a stack of white denim.  Bwahahaha!!

I love Monday night classes – they’re my favorites.  Martin-sensei is patient and spent the entirety of his 45 minutes working with me in the pairings, drilling on basics, checking on where my rolls were (backward I’m good, forward… needs more work).

Steve-sensei started again with a basic “get out of the way of a punch” move, but added a variant where instead of just stopping the blow by letting your palm-down hand slide along their arm from the elbow, you brought the arm into your center and then squatted down, forcing them down with you and unable to move.

The trick to this move, and it took me two pairings (both with Howard, yay Howard, I love his laugh!) to figure it out – is to relax.  Pushing down doesn’t do any good, they push back.  You have to relax and then just squat, and they have no choice but to come with you.  Then it’s a simple twist / hip check, and they’re on the ground with you still in control of their arm.

SO MUCH of aikido is about relaxation.  A deceptively HUGE portion of every move is drilling your body, teaching it what to do, and then relaxing enough to do it with the minimal amount of effort.

That move is about dealing with an attacker with a spear, by the way.  The advanced version lets you get the spear from them before you come up, bringing them with you, and sweep them under the chin along the throat to put them down.

From there?  Chokes.  Raw, naked, judo-style chokes.  And how to get out of them. One involves a feint and a wrist grab.  Another is a stab at the notch of the throat and a body twist.  A third, the simplest, is you put your arm straight up in the air, and make an over and forward chop while you turn.  The fourth is a really elegant bow and twist that lets you follow up with, as Steve-sensei says, “something for those of you into violence.”  Followed by a signature HUGE Steve grin.

All of them work.  All of them I’m pretty good at.  And I have the light bruises on my throat to prove it because we all practiced choking HARD, up under the chin and jaw, like we meant it.  As much to practice the moves as to psychologically deal with being choked. Steve-sensei even made sure we knew what being choked unconscious sounded and looked like, so we could stop if we were being too enthusiastic.

Wehknes chokes HARD, so does CJ.  In fact CJ’s up there with Tall Chris and Keith in good training partners who really make you work.  Finishing a move isn’t enough for CJ, you’ve got to do it like you mean it, all the way in, all the way down.  Keith recommend I spend some time with Bob the Training Dummy to practice punching.

Given the last couple of days, yeah … I see that happening.

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  1. the Gi will shrink loads the first time you wash it so do that before making alterations and hooray for that and bruises!!

  2. Oo, good to know. There was a short and fierce “wash the belt”, “DON’T WASH THE BELT!” argument because of shrinking as well. It’s long, but I’d rather that than too short!

  3. AWE


    LOVE it:). And yes Bob and punching is the way of the future:)

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