Domestic Adaptation

My boss got sick this week, and GUESS what he brought to the office with him on Friday?  Germs, filthy filthy germs.


So no aikido for me this morning, not with a sore throat, a touch of fever, and waking up after the longest sleep I can remember in months (10 hours!!!) and drenched in sweat.  The last thing I want to do is be a plague barer.

Spent Friday night finishing Season Four of Doctor Who and bawling my eyes out for Donna.  Even Rose’s fantastic closure was painful.  I’m going to desperately, desperately miss Tennant.

So today’s been around-the-house stuff, tackling all those piles I left in my way precisely so they’d bother the crud out of me until I did something about them.  Last of the art’s up on the walls.  Embroidery frame set up so I can finish the piece I’ve been working on… longer than I want to admit.  Speakers for the entertainment center hung and wired, and somehow I managed to smack myself in the face with the wire stripper.  Only bled a little, but that just means the surround sound will be good, right?  Now if only I could get one of the THREE different DVD players to work.

I also broke down and ordered a pot.  I only kept (read: was left) three pots and pans and none of them are big enough to make soup, pasta, a roast, or anything requiring more than a quart of liquid.  The enameled dutch oven is a touch of an indulgence, but I know I’m going to use the thing to death.  In fact I already chopped and prepped all the ingredients for soup using leftover turkey and some awesome-looking sweet potato gnochi I found.

Still have bookplates to put in, sugar cookies with strawberry drops to bake, and a closet to organize.  But for now the couch and Netflix beckon.

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