Comes in two flavors.

The Good Flavor

It’s Friday, and that means hours and hours of Doctor Who coupled with a fantastic meal of pasta and some of the best bread around.  I get to relax, chat with a friend or two, and immerse myself in television I should have been watching years ago without commercials or those pesky six days between episodes.

The Bad Flavor

Tomorrow is Saturday.  This week I finally gave up on convincing one of my two remaining friends (which is possibly an unfair characterization but hey, it’s my blog) to start aikido with me.  So I did what I thought would be the hard part and contacted the dojo here I’m interesting in joining.  I got a lovely encouraging e-mail in response, and that means tomorrow – Saturday – could be my first lesson.

Which is great! I want this.  I’ve wanted to take this next step with my fitness for a long time.

And it’s … scary.  Even now I can feel that sensation in my chest, right below my rib cage, like someone has their arms around me and is just going to hold me in place no matter how I struggle.  Even though there isn’t.  Even though there’s nothing stopping me from going.  Nothing but me.

I think I can do it.  I’m pretty sure once I do it, I’ll love it.  But there’s a chunk of time between now and then, filled with anticipation.

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  1. you can do it and you will rock!!

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