I’ve just returned from selling the moving boxes.

There’s still a couple kicking around – one full of papers I need to sort or shred, and another half a dozen holding comics that need to be inventoried and divvied up for eBay.  But the giant wardrobe box in the bedroom has been emptied of suits, and the tied up stack of rank-and-file cardboard was carted off.

Now instead of boxes, I have piles.  Piles of speakers and network cable and wire that need to be plugged in.  Piles of craft supplies that need to be purged and repacked and spaces found.  And a big miscellaneous pile of things that need to be donated or sold.  Plus, of course, the seemingly endless bags of garbage and recycling.

But I can see it all now.  I know where it is, what it is.  No secrets, no more playing cardboard roulette.  And I can see my bedroom floor again to boot.

It’s been a great weekend.  Beautiful weather, long walks and sleeping in both days, tons of unpacking, baking, shopping…  I even got some art hung up:

These are the three fantastic coffee prints from Girl Genius, along with my awesome copper clock and new dining room table / buffet.

Those strange metal thing in front of the clock are the ceiling fan pulls.  *chuckle*


I didn’t make it to the movies like I planned, so I’ve got three on deck now to view before they leave theaters – “Paul”, “Limitless”, and “Source Code”.  I might try to squeeze in a matinee showing tomorrow, though with how beautiful the weather’s been lately the siren song of the lakes has been particularly strong.

Progress.  Quiet, steady peaceful progress.

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