You Know It’s Home

When you unpacked the books:





And dance around the living room listening to “Now I’m A Believer” by Smash Mouth REALLY LOUD.

Okay, that last part is technically optional.  Technically.  But I will look at you funny if you don’t at least pretend to join in.

Much better photo, huh?  I replaced the dingy yucky lightbulbs with new daylight CFLs.  BIG difference.

On the downside I need to jump through a couple more hoops to get a phone jack installed in the living room so I can move the modem and get the television hooked up.  Yes, the two are related.  I’m not using cable, so streaming video, a Netflix subscription, and video games shall be my entertainment.

Walked the lakes again this afternoon, despite it looking like this:

Spent it talking with my sister.  She and her youngest daughter are at the hospital right now and will be all week.  Long story short, the baby’s being evaluated for having a feeding tube put in because she hasn’t been able to hold down solid food for nearly a year now.  Not Good for a two year old.

They’re doing okay, but she appreciates the company in the evenings.

Bellydancing tomorrow night means there probably won’t be much more unpacking.  There will, however, be the purchasing of new sheets because my mattress is due to arrive Thursday.  I can’t WAIT to have a real bed to sleep on.  The air mattress has been better than the floor, but at times only just.

New sheets has been a hang up for weeks now.  I had a developed idea of what I wanted my bedroom to look like.  In the apartment I was staying in temporarily – a cute little place above a tea shop with a picture window and crown molding.  My plan was burgundy and gold and a million pillows, like a Victorian brothel.

My new place – it’s named Solace, by the way – has a green wall in the bedroom.  Green wall + red bedroom = NO.  And this was a giant hangup, I couldn’t move past it.  I went crawling store to store to store lookign for what I wanted, and not finding it because my expectations were ridiculious.

When in doubt, change your victory conditions.  *chuckle*

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  1. Ah bookshelves. A woman after my own heart (was there any doubt of that?) I guess you need to send me the new address for baking supplies too. ;p

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