You know it’s time to quit when…

You break something.  In this case it was a three-way CFL light bulb which I forgot stuck out the top of the lamp when I tried lifting it over a stack of boxes to plug in behind.  Oh well.  Not cuts, no injuries, but a sure sign I’d done enough for the night and it was time to stop.

Speaking of what I got done tonight, behold!  Before:

A gigantic pile of half-opened boxes from when Someone needed their PS3 cable Sunday night.

And now after:

This is how I think I’ll configure them.  I LOVE these shelves, they collapse down when you move them, and you can stack them on top of each other.  They even have brackets in the back to brace them.

That’s my Flaming June print in the middle; I’ll hang it up in the space between the two “towers”.

Sorry for the crummy quality on the pictures – those selfsame CFLs throw off an icky and muddy yellow light.  I want to see if I can get the more natural blue-white sunlight bulbs for them instead.  And now that I broke one, motivation.

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