It’s 8:30 in the morning and I’m restless.  If it wasn’t POURING BUCKETS I’d put on my sneakers and take a nice long walk to the Quarry Lakes and back, but instead I’m pacing around like a grumpy caged cat and…

I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand why I feel like this. Anxious.  Ready to jump at a moment’s notice.  Unsettled.

I should be elated, right?  Other people are coming to move my things in a couple of hours and then I’ll be one step closer to whipping this place into shape and having it feel like home.  Should make me excited, right?  Maybe that’s part of it.  But I think another part of it is I know there will be more after this.  All the t’s aren’t crossed, all the i’s aren’t dotted.  Still piles and piles of lingering details.  Still not done.  Still more to go.

And for some reason that knowledge is putting a real damper on my ability to appreciate what I HAVE accomplished so far.  Which is mighty and vast and possibly worth of epic ballad poetry, but that’s not my department.  It’s why I didn’t go see “Paul” last night; after dinner I felt like I should be working.  All that “working” consisted of was finding things I wanted to buy for Solace (that’s the name of my apartment, by the way) but didn’t. Though that springboarded into “Thou Shalt Establish A Budget For Solace Purchases”, which I did, and which was refreshingly under target.

And THAT springboarded into the possibility of abusing the heck out of Amazon Prime’s free shipping policy for a new mattress that’s better and cheaper than the one I was going to buy.  So hey, win at the end.

So instead of pacing around or trying to do yoga and giving up because I can’t sit still long enough, I’ve:

-made breakfast (toasted Irish soda bread, poached eggs and tea, thanks for asking)
-reviewed my list of things to pack
-reviewed and added to my list of stops to make before said packing commences
-made sure I’ve got the couple of supplies I’ll need in my purse

And now, I’ll go poke around at EverNote and try out this sharing recipe idea.  Sometimes you need busywork to keep the momentum up, y’know?

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  1. The worst part at times is this; miles behind and miles ahead but very few now. Hit your targets, build in break time, be nice to yourself, you’re doing great:)

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